Nov 24, 2020|

JD and Beijing Truelore Help Renmin University Build Smart Procurement Platform


by Rachel Liu

JD and leading smart bidding service provider Beijing Truelore worked together to help Renmin University of China (RUC) build a smart procurement platform, making the procurement of office supplies more efficient, announced on a conference in Wuhan on November 19th.

As smart procurement for enterprises has become increasingly common, more universities and colleges have also increased their demand for smart procurement platforms. However, it’s very challenging to build smart platforms for universities, as the procurement system for universities and enterprises have many differences. In the past, RUC tried to build a smart management system with other service providers, but the result was not ideal.

Now JD Industrial Technology, leveraging its experience on digital procurement, has built a smart procurement platform for RUC that covers the whole process of procurement work, including bidding, procurement management, contract management, finance management, asset management and more, which can largely save time for procurement application and improve the efficiency of procurement. The system can automatically recognize products that meet the requirement of government regulation, and is carefully designed to ensure the procurement staff learn to use it easily.

Bidding is an especially important part in the whole procurement process. Traditional offline bidding has often faced trust concerns on the fairness of bidding, as the government cannot effectively trace and review the transaction data. Without smooth data sharing, the bidding process may become slow and tiring. JD and Truelore jointly designed the smart bidding system to make bidding more transparent and efficient for RUC. “Building a smart bidding system requires deep understanding on the product and technology. This is why we choose to work with a leading service provider like Truelore to improve our ability in this area,” said Ning Hai, general manager of business development at JD Industrial Technology.