Nov 24, 2020|

JD Launches First Three Smart Offline Stores for Industrial Products in Suzhou


by Ling Cao

JD has launched first three smart offline stores for industrial products in Suzhou, Jiangsu province, on November 23rd. The new model aims to help existing traditional industrial products stores go digital via smart management solutions and increase efficiency.

The launching ceremony for the JD industrial products store in Changshu, Suzhou

Industrial products stores are unique in terms of number of stock keeping units (SKUs), a high number of nonstandard items, as well as the need for professional after-sales services, all of which provide challenges for store management.

To address these problems, JD Industrial Technology has integrated resources and provided in-store digital solutions such as cloud based shelves and digital price tags. In addition, JD supports omnichannel delivery services. JD’s Jing Gong Bang  (京工帮, which literally means JD Industry Helper) can connect big companies with industry-leading service providers for manufacturing-level omnichannel service solutions.

JD also leverages smart in-store management systems to help store owners realize digitalized management through procurement, sales and accounting support. One of the stores is 200 square meters and operates over 10,000 SKUs hitting the upper limit of its manpower. By installing the smart system, the store managed ten times SKUs, and efficiency has greatly improved.

Cheng Liu, general manager of a company in Suzhou which owns the store said, “The pressure is obvious for Suzhou’s industrial products stores to make a digital transformation.” He explained that GDP for industrial products in Suzhou reached over RMB 1 trillion yuan, the highest among cities in the area.” Whether to make digital transformation is a key for local companies.

Zhuang Han, general manager for smart retailing at JD Industrial Technology said, “JD’s solutions can not only help traditional stores digitalize their business, but also integrate resources in the market, providing more valuable services for enterprise clients.”

He added that JD will continue to build up infrastructure and connectivity across all processes via digital solutions, creating an efficient industrial chain for all clients.