Nov 16, 2020|

JD and China Railway Container Add Multimodal Railway Container Transport Route


by Yuchuan Wang

On November 15th at 10:45 am, the No. 79366 train left Wujiashan (吴家山) station in Wuhan, conveying 600 tons of goods of, to North Changsha station. The train, nicknamed “Mobile Warehouse”, was loaded with 30 railway containers, jointly operated by JD Logistics (JDL) and China Railway Container.

As one of the four major railway hubs in China, Wuhan is at the crossway of the Beijing – Guangzhou railway line, and many other important railway lines. Changsha is well connected by roads, river, rail, and air transportation modes, and is a regional hub for industrial, tourist, and service sectors.

Equivalent to 20 17.5-meter transportation goods trailers, the train is expected to ease the pressure of limited road transportation resources and support goods allocation to meet the fast fulfillment demands of JD’s merchants. In addition, transfer from road to railway will also contribute to lower carbon emissions. JD just announced that it plans to reduce 50% carbon emissions by 2030. Once the train arrives at North Changsha Station the next morning, the goods will be transported to regional warehouses by road transportation.

“With the rapid development of multimodal transportation in China, we have seen great advantages of this transportation in the logistics industry,” said Wei Yu from JD Logistics. “We will continue to develop our multimodal business, deepen the collaboration with railway to explore innovative models and further consolidate JD’s logistics infrastructure.”

During this past Singles Day Grand Promotion (November 1st – November 11th), 93% of JD’s first-party orders were delivered within 24 hours. JD’s smart supply chain is helping more and more merchants and products sell across China and even the globe, connecting the real economy with the digital world.