Sep 22, 2020|

JD And China Telecom To Deepen Cooperation On Supply Chain


By Martin Li

JD and China Telecom will deepen ongoing cooperation in sharing supply chain resources, building a procurement data system and ensuring emergency supplies during disaster conditions, based on a work meeting on September 21st . Additionally, the two companies will explore cooperation in standardization of industrial products and standard management.

One aim of the deepened cooperation is to complete a mechanism to ensure the availability and delivery of supplies during emergencies like flooding and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. A complete mechanism will be aimed at reducing cost and to speed up supply.

The two will also explore smart operation of supply chain and logistics.

“JD and China Telecom have achieved many innovations in smart procurement,” said Song Chunzheng, vice president of and president of JD’s enterprise business. “With changes in the market and industry, JD’s enterprise business will keep combining the most advanced technologies and new scenarios, in an effort to expand cooperation and improve related services.”

JD and China Telecom have been cooperating for seven years to improve the B2B procurement path via e-commerce. Their joint efforts have seen procurement time and efficiency decrease from eight days to within three days. By the end of August this year, the cooperation had saw total procurement volumes of over RMB 2.8 billion yuan.