Aug 17, 2020|

JD and Friesland Target to Sell RMB 10 Billion Yuan in China in 3 Years


by Rachel Liu

On August 12th, JD Super, JD’s online supermarket, and Friesland, a Dutch international dairy company, announced that they are eyeing a sales target of RMB 10 billion yuan in China in the next three years.

Friesland is the world’s largest dairy co-operative and one of the top five dairy companies in the world. The main brand under the company is Friso, which is one of the best-selling maternal and baby brands on JD. JD has been working closely with Friesland since 2010, and is the brand’s most important sales channel in China.

The two sides see five areas of potential cooperation:

  • JD will leverage its massive customer base and omnichannel advantages to expand the sales of Friso products, including through the cross-border model, third-party model and more.
  • The two sides will work together to build marketing solutions covering all shopping scenarios, and to cooperate more deeply on digital marketing and media resources sharing.
  • JD will provide customer insights and behavior analysis to Friesland to help the brand develop new products, and provide marketing suggestions after the new products are launched.
  • JD will help Friesland with CRM (Customer Relations Management) to develop brands’ members and improve the sales generated from members.
  • JD and the brand will integrate content management resources, such as livestreaming and KOLs, to create better content for JD customers.
  • JD will work with Friesland to explore trends in digital transformation of e-commerce.

During the epidemic, leveraging its advanced supply chain capabilities and logistics network, JD worked closely with Friesland to ensure the consistent supply of products to Chinese parents, which has largely improved the customers’ recognition of the brand. JD Super has become the first choice for international maternal and baby brands to develop in Chinese market.