Oct 27, 2020|

JD and Fulinmen Partner on B2M Initiative


by Rachel Liu

JD Business and Fulinmen, China’s leading brand for rice and cooking oil, formed a partnership for B2M on October 21st.

B2M means Business to Manufacturer, and is a similar model as C2M but is related to providing customized products through JD’s big data and customer insights for enterprises purchases. In the partnership, the two sides will jointly develop customized products and services based on JD’s big data to meet enterprise clients’ demands for employee gifts.

Rice and cooking oil are popular products for employee gifts in Chinese companies. Since Fulinmen’s debut on JD Business in 2016, it has become a top-selling brand during festivals when companies need to send employee gifts. Sales of Fulinmen on JD Business increased 133% during the Dragon Boat Festival (May 5th on Lunar calendar, which is June 25th this year) and nearly 100% during the Mid-Autumn Festival(August 15th on Lunar calendar, which is October 1st this year.).

JD’s B2M customization platform provides direct connection between Fulinmen and enterprise customers. Customers can submit their demands for products regarding aspects such as package design on the platform, and these requirements will be sent to Fulinmen’s factory for production. The two sides will also work together on the building of sales channels and a service network. In the future, JD can also work with Fulinmen’s networks and dealers all over China to explore more business opportunities.

“We have observed that the products designed for individual customers are not always suitable for enterprise customers, and customized products for enterprises is a market with huge potential. We hope to work with Fulinmen to explore this market with more customized products,” said Yu Chen, general manager of key accounts, JD Business.