Aug 5, 2020|

JD and Global Brands Bring Beer Festival to Consumers


by Ella Kidron

On August 5th, JD Super, JD’s online supermarket, hosted a Super Category Day promotion for the beer category. The promotion comes as the company is in the midst of the month-long JD Beer Festival, held from July 13th to August 13th. The event involves brands from around the world, and in addition to being a sales festival, also serves as a way to entertain and educate consumers on beer culture.

Brands such as Budweiser, Tsingtao and more are participating to make the event a success. Some brands are even doing co-branding with JD. In addition, JD is hosting cross category promotions, expanding the event beyond beer, combining Guinness promotions with Crest toothpaste, for example.

Guiness and Crest cross-category promotion on JD Super

This year the event becomes omnichannel with the help of JD 7FRESH and JD Liquor World. JD 7FRESH are offering in-store promotions, while JD Liquor World franchise stores are enabling delivery of cold beer to consumers in 29 minutes in selected regions. Additionally, this year, JD’s Beer Festival has its own designated icon and slogan, solidifying its position as a key event for JD Super’s beer category. The company has placed ads both online and offline to promote the event.

In order to further educate Chinese consumers on beer culture, JD has worked with several breweries in Germany, the origin of beer, to release a video which explores the different breweries and explains how beer is produced (with subtitles in Chinese to convenience local consumers). The video will be released on Kuaishou, Douyin and iQiyi and will link back to the stores of major brands participating.

JD’s Beer Festival provides an example of how brands can reach consumers online and tell their stories through a large platform like JD. JD’s immense marketing resources and reputation among consumers is key to making the event a success.