May 26, 2021|

JD and Goldwind Form Joint Venture in Clean Energy Development


by Vivian Yang

JD Property, the business division for smart industrial development under and Beijing Tianrun New Energy (天润新能) investment Co., Ltd. a wholly-owned subsidiary of China’s leading clean energy solution provider Xinjiang Goldwind Science & Technology Co., Ltd., announced on May 26 to establish a joint venture focusing on clean energy development, investment and operation.

The cooperation received strong support from the Beijing Yizhuang Business Development Area (BDA), where the new company will be based together with several other new energy projects for the area in the pipeline. A ceremony was held in Beijing and attended by representatives of Yizhuang BDA.

Front row: Gang Li (left), head of operations, JD Property and Yantian Pan (right), vice president of cooperate business, Goldwind at the signing ceremony

“ will join hands with Goldwind to further invest in the new energy industry, driving the green revolution from the energy demand side by exploring more comprehensive energy use solutions, creating energy-saving or carbo-neutral smart industrial parks and more,” said Wei Hu, vice president of and president of JD Property.

Goldwind’s chairman Gang Wu noted that the cross-industry collaboration can help both companies to empower the collaborated business taking advantage of each party’s complementary advantages. The joint venture will “explore new business models and practices such as supporting the demand side to adopt innovative new energy applications in various scenarios and developing a new energy management platform based on internet technologies and energy big data and more.”

Photovoltaics is one field that the two companies have been cooperating in. JD Logistics’ Asia No. 1 automated warehouse in Taiyuan of Shanxi province has been covered with Goldwind’s PV panels to supply clean energy for warehouse lighting, automatic sorting, automatic packaging, automatic picking and other activities.

As part of the JDs sustainability effort, known as the “Green Stream Initiative (GSI), a total of more than 200 megawatts of solar PV power plants are expected to be installed in the company’s logistics and intelligent industrial parks by the end of 2021, to achieve an annual power generation of more than 160 million kwh after completion, according to JD’s ESG report released in May.