May 27, 2021|

Jing Zao Partners with Ziroom to Launch Commercial Campaign


by Hui Zhang’s private brand Jing Zao (literally means made by JD) announced a promotional campaign on May 27 in partnership with Ziroom, a business unit of China’s residual brokerage, aiming to provide fresh graduates with high-end home decor products at affordable prices.

The campaign invited KOLs to recommend different decoration styles suitable for rental houses with products from Jing Zao. Additionally, Jing Zao created a package with products including a Latex pillow, hair dryer, humidifier, and intelligent trash can, all of which are necessary for fresh graduates moving into a new rental house. The campaign will last from May 27 to June 3 and will offer various coupons to consumers to make it easy for graduates to access high-quality products.

“Jing Zao pays attention to both life quality and the practicality of products. We care about every demand from our consumers, and would like to reduce consumers’ pressure through our customer-to-manufacture initiative,” said a representative from Jing Zao. “We hope to create more high-quality products and understand young consumers’ preferences through our cooperation with Ziroom.”

The creation of Jing Zao in 2018 came from Chinese customers’ real demands. The rising middle-class customers are constantly looking for a comfortable and high-quality lifestyle. What’s more, the desire for a “better lifestyle” is spreading to a larger customer base. Chinese society is experiencing a consumption upgrade. Before, only bigger brands were associated with higher quality, but working directly with factories to develop products enables JD to have strong control over the product quality. Also, without the layers of the dealer network, high-quality products can be sold for cheaper prices.

Ziroom was launched in 2011 and has become the biggest rental housing platform in China. The company so far operates in 9 cities in China, serving 2 million tenants and 300,000 landlords.