May 26, 2021|

JD to Provide Resources to Millions of Offline Stores during 618


by Ling Cao

JD announced today that it will cooperate and provide special resources to over three million offline stores for the ongoing 618 Grand Promotion, aiming to attract over 250 million visits to these stores to support healthy business development.

JD Retail will provide traffic flow resources worth RMB 500 million yuan to help supermarkets, restaurants, flower stores, cinemas and more to interact with more customers. JD will also use livestreaming and other innovative methods to connect customers with industrial chains and other popular places, such as JD E-Space.

JD Logistics will provide its 190,000 corporate customers with omni-channel fulfillment services, making their supply chain more agile in order to fit tailored consumption and logistics requirements.

JD Cloud will hold promotions to help nearly 200,000 SMEs use cloud-based services, while JD Health will help offline pharmacy stores achieve digital upgrades, enabling them to provide better services for patients.

Jingxi, a business group under JD focusing on lower-tier markets, will provide support for millions of small and medium-sized stores in merchandise, operation and services.

JD will also provide marketing resources for stores on JD Daojia, as well as using Dada Now to provide instant last-mile delivery services.

Chen Lin, vice president of and head of the company’s ecosystem business shared, “By working both online and offline with brands, merchants, factories, farmers and other stores, JD targets to help nearly 200 industrial chains expand their sales channels, achieving digital transformation.”