Aug 21, 2020|

JD and Mars Launch C2M Pet Products for Cat


by Ling Cao and Mars, a U.S. food manufacture, launched a high-end C2M cat food product, the Nutro.Max, during a press conference on August 18th.

Leveraging JD’s trove of consumption data, Nutro, the pet brand under Mars, has forecast pet owners’ demand for “high percentage of meat, “high crude protein”, “pay attention to cats’ gastrointestinal management” and “no grain and natural”. Based on these insights, Nutro has selected fresh chicken meat, and the product consists of over 80% of animal protein and is grain-free, which perfectly fit cats’ eating habits and ensures no burden on their digestive systems.

“We found that tailored and personalized products have gradually become a new consumption trend,” said Lizhen Liu, president of JD FMCG. “JD has rich experience in C2M projects, and Mars has insight into the pet industry and product research. Our combined strengthens will help us conform to customer’s new needs and create a better life for pets.”

Yinghua Niu, president for Mars Pets Nutrition in China said, “Mars has created a new production channel specifically for this product. The joint cooperation with JD will further enhance our brand’s core influence.”

During the press conference, both parties have deepened partnership in areas such as omnichannel, product planning, marketing, as well as digital exploration.