Sep 3, 2020|

JD and Sigmaintell Release 2020 China Display Industry White Paper


by Rachel Liu

JD and consulting firm Sigmaintell jointly launched the 2020 China Display Industry White Paper last week, which analyzed key trends in the display industry in China from a consumer, product and supply chain perspective. The report highlights that with JD’s C2M model and big data capability, display manufacturers can achieve better sales through going the customization route.

Data shows that in the past 12 months, the number of online customers of displays has continued to increase, as more customers are staying at home. In line with this, as the home has increased its functions as an office and an entertainment zone under COVID, displays that are customized for remote work or online gaming have seen a fast increase.

There are also rapid increases in niche markets, indicating customers’ demand for customized products. For example, professionals in big cities like to buy big screen displays for work, and college students and young consumers in small towns prefer gaming screens. As consumer demand is becoming more precise, brands and manufacturers are shifting their approach from developing standardized, hot-selling products, to supporting consumers’ inclination to go for a more customized display. JD’s C2M platform can collect and analysis demand, and provide suggestions to brands to inform their production processes. The platform can shorten the new product research time by 75%.

For the C2M products that JD jointly designs with brands, the retail giant will also provide marketing and pricing suggestions based on its big data analysis. It can not only help brands achieve the best sales performance, but also increase customer satisfaction.