Mar 17, 2022|

JD and Sinopec to Build Digital Supply Chain Model Aiming Broad Partnership


by Yuchuan Wang

The Anhui province branch of China Petroleum and Chemical Corporation (Sinopec) inked a partnership with on March 15, in which the two parties will cooperate on a series of supply chain services and promote omni-channel business.

The agreement covers smart logistics, warehousing facility sharing, product supply chain and digital supply chain. JD will leverage its advantages in supply chain services and technology to help Sinopec Anhui increase efficiency and lower cost. The two companies plan to turn Sinopec’s 1,400 Easy Joy convenience stores into’s pick-up stations, further expanding the online and offline consumption scenarios.

At the same time, JD and Sinopec will explore retail store operation, B2B and business procurement, joint marketing and auto-market product supply, so on and so forth, based on the Easy Joy convenience store. Business opportunities in the area of digital membership, digital transformation and digital operations will also be explored.

In the future, JD and Sinopec are expected to deal with more consumption scenarios and models to realize the digital transformation of gas stations.