Mar 15, 2021|

JD and Sony Jointly Launch Customized Gaming TV


by Rachel Liu has put the Sony X91J 4K Smart Gaming TV on pre-sale. This is the new product customized for JD customers and JD is the only platform to sell the product in China. This is one of several products launched in which JD has worked closely with Sony to ensure enhanced customer satisfaction.

JD has launched gaming laptops and gaming phones with leading brands thanks to being able to anticipate demand for these products before they even exist. Last year, seeing indications of the gaming TV trends, JD and Sony launched their first customized product with great sales performance. The X91J is an upgrade model based on JD’s big data and customer feedback.

The X91J has a “gaming mode” specially developed for game lovers. It can reduce the input delay and optimize the display of games. The new TV also upgraded its hardware to provide more rapid feedback, making the gaming experience more immersive and enjoyable.

“We observed that the target customers for TVs have changed, and their demands for functions on TVs have also changed. As more customers are using TVs to play games, this is the perfect time for us to launch gaming TV with our long-time partner,” said a spokesperson of JD Home Appliance. “JD provides support for brands covering the entire supply chain including product design, pricing, purchasing and fulfillment to help them upgrade the product.”

Sony has extensive cooperation with JD in multiple categories. Its full-screen AI eye protection TV, which is also a C2M product and was developed in response to customers’ concern that children’s eyesight will be compromised by too much screen time, saw great sales increases on JD. Last September, JD held a Super Brand Day for Sony and sales surpassed RMB 10 million yuan just six seconds after kicking off.