Mar 16, 2021|

JD Awarded by Beijing Government for Poverty Alleviation Efforts


by Ling Cao

JD has received the Poverty Alleviation Collaboration Award from Beijing Municipal Government, as announced at a ceremony on Mar. 15.

Poverty Alleviation Collaboration Award from Beijing Municipal Government issued to

Since 2017, JD has helped 90 counties in Qinghai, Inner Mongolia, Hebei, Hubei and other provinces eliminate poverty.

Using JD’s in-house logistics network, especially its cold chain logistics and e-commerce capabilities, JD has helped bring local fresh produce to cities around China.

Individual customers can search for the local specialties via a flagship store on JD, while institutions and enterprises can purchase the products via a digital procurement platform built by JD, making the process easier and more convenient.

Zhuxi in Hubei province, which is known for konjac, a plant commonly found in East and Southeast Asia, is one of the counties supported by the Beijing Municipal Government. The county chief Zunyong Ke said, “Konjac is the main focus of our main poverty alleviation efforts. By combining e-commerce, partners and local farmers together, we helped 35,000 farmers increase their revenues to RMB 5,000 each on average.”

JD has supported the program with fulfillment services, as well as marketing, partnering with several local major companies. The konjac has also been developed into 30 foods to be sold on JD, such as ready-to-cook food and konjac noodles. As a result, the konjac is increasing in popularity on JD and e-commerce has become a key sales channel for Zhuxi.

“Going forward, JD will continue to help with rural revitalization via supply chain, logistics, technology and financial support, promoting the development of the countryside economy,” said a JD representative.