Aug 17, 2020|

JD and Partner to Provide More Travel Benefits to Chinese Consumers


by Ella Kidron

On August 16th, JD and leading travel services provider announced a new partnership. According to the agreement, the supply chain for’s core products will be connected with the JD platform. The vision for future cooperation includes five core areas, user expansion, sharing of channel resources, full coverage of online and offline travel scenarios, cross-border marketing, and the development of enterprise travel. The goal is to meet all diversified travel-related needs of consumers before, during, and after travel, and jointly create the most reliable and satisfying platform for users.

As the largest retailer in China, JD will bring 8 million enterprise customers and nearly 400 million individual customers to At the same time, the cooperation will help JD continue to promote the diversification of its business, and enrich its supply chain capabilities in travel, given it even more strength to serve domestic and foreign industry brands, urban cultural and tourism industry construction and consumer travel service quality.

Despite significant impacts to tourism under COVID-19, JD has maintained an optimistic attitude towards China’s tourism industry and has continued to promote the development of the sector. In 2019, China saw over 6 billion domestic tourists, with tourism accounting for 11.05% of total GDP. Tourism has become a key expenditure item for national consumption.

JD Travel has always emphasized the concept of “quality travel.” It currently operates across six core business lines: transportation, hotel accommodation, travel and vacation, scenic spot and amusement park, local entertainment and enterprise travel services. In order to meet the needs of individual users, JD Travel integrates a wide range of consumer services and preferential packages. On the enterprise side, JD provides a rich online business travel solution, integrating high quality supplier resources, providing business customers with professional, comprehensive enterprise travel management solutions.