Aug 17, 2020| Tests “1+1+1” Livestreaming Model


by Ling Cao

Over the last two months, JD’s New Markets, the suppliers of JD’s convenience stores, has cooperated with Cofco Coca-Cola Beverages, the beverage company jointly formed by Cofco and Coca-Cola, and the third party joint warehouse, on two livestream events.

The “1+1+1” models by the three parties has received good performance, which all largely exceeded expectations. The livestreams are held in the joint warehouse, which not only provided small shops with high quality and cost-effective products, but also helped brands and the joint warehouse to accelerate business scale.

Located in Chengdu, Sichuan province, the joint warehouse is mainly for storage of milk and beverages. The first livestream saw good sales performance, hitting RMB 100,000 yuan in sales. Guanze Wang, head of the warehouse said, “Normally daily sales are just over RMB 10,000. With livestream, sales are ten times higher, which is amazing.”

After the first successful trial, the three parties regarded this as an important initiative and quickly decided to devote larger resources to holding a second one.

A representative of Cofco Coca-cola said, “At first it was only a trial. We didn’t realize it would be so successful. Once we saw the value behind this new model, we could get the support of the company.”

JD New Markets team helped the partner and the warehouse team to prepare the livestream

The initiative has resulted in a record over RMB 200,000 yuan in sales.

Wang from the joint warehouse said, “Many brands have come to us after the two livestream events. The new model has increased our income and confidence.”