Sep 29, 2020|

JD and Wanda Launch Crossover Movie Card to Promote Upcoming National Day Holiday


by Ling Cao

JD has partnered with Wanda Film to launch a bundled year-long membership card that will be sold during the upcoming National Day holiday, enabling customers to see movies, as well as enjoy a superior shopping experience online.

This is the first movie-related membership card launched by JD PLUS,’s premium membership program, in a move to expand its business boundaries. It’s also a new trial for Wanda Film to launch tailored benefits, as well as innovative cooperation in the e-commerce field. Customers who buy the card will have JD PLUS membership benefits including exclusive discounts when shopping on JD, as well as discounts for seeing movies at nearly 600 of Wanda’s offline cinemas.

The movie industry has been searching for a new marketing model in the wake of the pandemic. In this context, JD and Wanda will leverage marketing resources both online and offline to reach consumers.

JD PLUS has over 16 million members as of January this year, who are mainly from tier one and two markets, with high power of consumption.

Customers can buy the membership card through JD’s app or offline at the ticket sales machine at Wanda’s nearly 600 cinemas. The card will be sold as a limited edition from September 28th to October 8th to celebrate China’s National Day.

Previously, JD’s PLUS members already enjoyed a range of benefits covering shopping, video, music, travel, audio, reading, health and more.