Oct 29, 2020|

JD Applies New Services to Provide Better Shopping Experience during Singles Day


by Rachel Liu

Shopping festivals are no longer only about promotions. According to the 618 Ecommerce Platforms Service Satisfaction Report released by Retail Lab under Southern Metropolis Daily, price only ranks No.3 among the key concerns for customers in shopping, and service has surpassed price to become a top focus for customers. JD has launched a series of innovative services covering different businesses in this Singles Day to provide customers with a better shopping experience.


Mobile Phone

During this Singles Day, JD is providing 43 services for mobile phone consumers, including the highly popular trade-in, one-hour delivery, 30-day no reason return, and two other new services. JD’s Singles Day pre-sales period is being held October 21st -31st, and the official sales period is from November1st -11th. Customers can pay a deposit during the pre-sale period and then pay the rest when the official sale begins, and enjoy a cheaper price.

Typically, this would be that customers wouldn’t receive their products right away, but JD has arranged for some of the mobile phones to be pre-ordered and paid for earlier, and then JD will deliver the products same- or next-day. If the price happens to drop further after November 1st, the price difference will be deposited in customers’ accounts automatically. As the first e-commerce platform to launch this service, JD has witnessed its growing popularity among customers – data shows that over 50% of the customers chose to enjoy the products ahead of time instead of waiting for official sales.

Another service is the 1.2 times refund. If customers find that the prices of mobile phones bought on JD are lower during the Singles Day period, JD will provide a refund that equals 1.2 times the price difference. JD also continued its 30-day return service and expanded it to most of the mobile phone products on the platform, while the industry standard is usually 7-day return window.


Consumer Goods

This Singles Day, pet owners don’t need to worry about buying the wrong pet food on JD. During big promotions, pet owners tend to stock up on pet food, but they can’t guarantee that their pets will enjoy the taste. JD Super, JD’s online supermarket, has launched a new service which allows customers to return already-opened pet food that their pets don’t like. During Singles Day period, the service is expanded from seven days after customers receive the orders to 30 days. JD Super also extended its refund policy to 30 days – from November1st to November 30th, customers who find that prices of items they previously bought are even lower can apply for a refund of the price difference.


Fresh Food

JD Fresh launched nine after-sales services to ensure customers enjoy high-quality, fresh and healthy food. If customers having problems with their orders, such as damaged packages or food quality issues, they can apply for after-sales service within 48 hours. Customers can enjoy a refund directly without the need to send the old products back. For example, October and November are hairy crab season in China and many consumers visit JD to buy hairy crabs. Any customer who finds a dead crab in their order can immediately receive two live hairy crabs.


Health Consultancy

COVID-19 has made customers get familiar with online health consultancy. To enable more customers to enjoy premium health care resources, JD Health invited over 100 doctors from AAA hospitals (the highest tier of hospitals in China) in different areas to provide free consultancy services for JD customers during this Singles Day.


Additionally, as many customers began to decorate their new homes with the improvement in the COVID-19 situation, JD has been providing comprehensive home furnishing services including measurement service at customers’ doorsteps, free delivery and installment of furniture, and 30-day no reason return.