May 31, 2021|

JD Attends Big Data Expo in Guizhou


by Ling Cao

“AI will impact the digital economy in technology innovation and industrial integration. Enterprises will find better solutions in cost, efficiency and experience,” said Dr. Tao Mei, head of computer vision research and development at JD Technology (JDT) and the director of JD’s computer vision and multimedia lab, during a group interview on May 27 at the China International Big Data Industry Expo held in Guiyang, Guizhou province.

“Over 90% of queries in JD’s supply chain services were handled by our smart chatbot, which will also guide customers to the right personnel to deal with for the remaining 10% of queries,” Mei added.

According to Mei, JD is integrating computer vision, NLP, machine-learning and other technologies under AI in one open platform, in order to provide better service for different industries.

Mei also shared his perspective for the future trend of AI development. In addition to trustworthy AI, another important development is the integration with other technologies for making broader value, such as 5G, big data and IoT.

This year’s Big Data Expo gathered 225 enterprises to exhibit their business and new products, covering frontier technology, digital application and the intelligent technology industry. JD showed products across a wide range of businesses, including JD Cloud, IoT business, JD Health, JD Retail and JD Logistics.