May 31, 2021|

JD Health Debuts at Digital Expo in Guizhou to Show Smart Products


by Hui Zhang

JD Health debuted its intelligent health management equipment, products of its  “family doctor” telemedicine services program, and smart health solutions at China International Big Data Industry Expo 2021 from May 26 to 28 in Guiyang, Guizhou province.

Among all the products presented was a robot which can measure ECG, heart rate and blood oxygen, and combine them with big data analysis to quickly understand health status and provide them with appropriate suggestions. Visitors to the expo gathered around the robot to take a picture of their faces or their tongues, and place their hands on the robot to obtain a physical examination report in only two minutes.

“The report will show many aspects of my health status including eye dark circles, skin age and BMI. It’s convenient and the result can also give me advice on daily diet, exercises and so on,” said Feng Qiao, an expo visitor.

“The robot currently covers three major fields, including Chinese medicine, health and nutrition. It can also provide one-stop services of health report output, in-depth interpretation of test reports, health consultation and expert guidance,” said Qinggang Wang, senior technical manager of JD Health.

In addition to health management equipment, products created through JD Health’s “family doctor” telemedicine services program also won attention at the expo. The “family doctor” program can provide consumers with 24/7 online consultation services with top physicians from around China and provide timely drug delivery in accordance with patients’ needs.

Meanwhile, JD Health also worked with Beihai, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region to help complete seven healthcare informatization projects, including healthcare cards for local residents, a monitoring and management system for public health, and five systems for health management in schools, for signing up family doctors, for village doctors, for skilled medical experts, and for administrative management respectively.

JD exhibited products from JD Cloud, JD IoT, JD Health, JD Retail and JD Logistics among other businesses at the expo which involved 225 enterprises covering frontier technology, digital application and the intelligent technology industry.