Mar 2, 2022|

JD Auto and SINOTRUK VGV Launch “First Class for Pets”


by Xiaoqian Han

JD Auto and SINOTRUK VGV launched 3 tailor-made truck models on the live streaming on February 28. These models incorporate advanced car body structure, chassis technology, and interior craftsmanship design, and are created for enhanced living conditions. Among them, the VX7 model is specifically designed for pet owners.

Ceremony for the launch of VX7 truck model by, SINOTRUK VGV and JD Pet

“The car owners of Generation-Z have a more diverse life than ever before, which affects their choices in buying and driving cars,” said Haifeng Chen, vice president of JD’s auto business department. “The characteristic of personalization, diversification, and usefulness have all become new consumption features among Generation Z. Consumers born after 1995 and even 2000 have gradually become a “new force” of automobile consumption. And this is what drives JD Auto to cooperate with SINOTRUK VGV.”

The newly released SINOTRUK VGV VX7 is a collaboration between JD Auto, SINOTRUK VGV, and JD Pet, and is a co-branded version dubbed “First Class for Pets”. It is different from a traditional pickup truck, in which the cockpit and cargo area are separated. This new design offers a hatch in the back and converts the pickup into a utility van, which enables interaction between owners and pets at any time. In the exclusive cabin for pets, an electric panoramic sunroof can be opened to let pets bathe in sunlight and enjoy the scenery outside the vehicle.

First Pet Truck Model Launched by, SINOTRUK VGV and JD Pet

“The first pet pickup truck model we rolled out today is an innovative exploration. We have crossover cooperation with JD Auto and JD Pet to achieve a seamless link between the manufacturing industry and the Internet,” added Yandong Guo, the general manager of SINOTRUK.

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