Jul 27, 2020|

JD Auto Introduces 24 Free Car Services for Flood Protection


by Vivian Yang

Southern China is entering peak flood season from mid-July to mid-August. This creates problems for drivers in waterlogged areas. To ensure safety and convenience for car owners during this period, JD Auto Services, the chain of professional car maintenance and service stores under JD Auto, introduced 24 free car testing services in over 1,000 offline stores. They cover three stages: pre-accident high-risk parts examination, vehicle rescue, and post-accident maintenance and repairs.

In the prevention stage, JD Auto Services’ free services include inspections of steering, brakes, lighting, horns, wipers, tires, and other parts affected by flooding. Such inspections serve to minimize the risk when driving during flood season.

Accident rescue involves a timely rescue service to move soaked vehicles away from deep water and to a safe place. This reduces water damage to vehicles.

In the post-accident maintenance and repair stage, a number of frequent pain points are given extra care to ensure the vehicle’s functionality and safety. These include battery testing, chassis cleaning, and removal of stagnant water.

As an online to offline (O2O) integration service for car owners, all the services on JD Auto Services can be booked online via JD.com, and then fulfilled through the designated offline car service stores, creating a full-process and one-stop experience for the customers.

Transparent and fast service is the core value behind JD Auto Services, according to a spokesperson from the business unit. In the future, JD Auto Services will continue to develop its advantages based on JD’s big data, technologies, and platform and resource integration. Improvements to its O2O car maintenance services will bring convenience and a better life to hundreds of millions of consumers.