Apr 8, 2022|

JD Auto Partners with 3M in the Automotive Aftermarket


by Mengyang He

JD Auto, JD.com’s omni-channel automotive business, has partnered with 3M, the leading U.S. manufacturing company, introducing 3M’s brand-new five-in-one fuel additive on JD.com. The new product has enhanced performance by nearly 55 percent compared with its previous version, capable of effectively cleaning the carbon deposits in the engine.

3M’s brand-new five-in-one fuel additive

“Rooted in China for over 30 years, 3M has been serving the Chinese market and enriching local partnerships. We are honored and excited to partner with JD Auto in building new experience and ecosystem for Chinese consumers in the automotive aftermarket,” noted John Barto, general manager of the automotive aftersales division at 3M Greater China.

Songfeng Chen, general manager of maintenance omni-channel of JD Auto, added, “JD Auto is committed to providing consumers with the one-stop automotive consumption model, namely ‘product with service.’ The partnership with 3M will allow the two parties to better serve the car owners in China.”

As the world’s fastest growing automotive consumption market, China is in the forefront in car ownership, and its sizable scale also brings plenty of opportunities to the booming automotive aftermarket. With its large user base and online and offline marketing skillset, JD Auto will effectively elevate the penetration rate of 3M’s automotive aftermarket products in China, and stimulate C2M (customer-to-manufacturer) products in the making.