Apr 8, 2022|

JD Worldwide Welcomes Cuban National Pavilion


by Doris Liu

The Cuban National Pavilion opened on JD Worldwide on April 8 as the launch ceremony was hosted in the Embassy of Cuba in China in the capital city of Beijing.

The pavilion will focus on providing authentic and the most iconic products from the country with Cuban Arecha rum, Conchita jam and Apisun honey already selling in the store. More products of interest to Chinese consumers, such as coffee, lobster, health food, dietary supplements and crafts, will be introduced in the next stage.

“The launch of Cuban National Pavilion will lead Cuba to enter the cross-border e-commerce. In the context of the rapid transformation of our economy, this is a new channel to achieve prosperity and sustainable development,” said Cuban Ambassador to China Carlos Miguel Pereira at the ceremony.

“The Internet has turned all distances to zero”, said Luke Liu, Deputy General Manager of JD Worldwide. “Our customers will be able to make consumption of Cuban products at anytime and anywhere, and Cuban products are right in front of our eyes.”

National Pavilion is an important project for JD Worldwide, JD’s cross-border platform. It was launched in 2018 and has welcomed countries from Asia, Europe, Americas and more to join the project. In total 42 national pavilions have joined the project including Peru, Malaysia, Germany, Indonesia, Thailand and so on.

JD Worldwide will continue to be the bridge of trust between brands and customers to introduce more overseas products and culture to Chinese consumers meanwhile help brands expand further in the Chinese market.

Any international brand interested in building their business with JD in China can apply via https://www.jd.hk/cooperation_en or by emailing worldwide@jd.com.