Oct 26, 2020|

JD Auto Wins Two “Auto After-Market” Awards


by Rachel Liu

JD has been awarded “Leading Company for Auto Supply Chain” and “Outstanding Auto Service Provider” at the third China Auto After-Market Summit, demonstrating JD’s strong competitive advantage in the auto after-market industry.

“JD Auto has been able to leverage its supply chain capability to integrate online and offline business throughout production, distribution, sales and service, to provide comprehensive service for customers,” said Wei Zhang, sales director of B2B business at JD Auto.

In 2B business, JD Auto integrates the whole auto parts supply chain and provides enterprises with customized products. JD is also able to help auto parts companies achieve digital transformation using its technological abilities, and provide products for JD’s offline auto stores. JD’s self-owned auto brand Jingantu (京安途) has developed auto parts products including lubricants, batteries and tires that have been customized using JD’s customers insights.

“We hope to speed up the e-commerce transformation of the auto industry and build our ability to provide high quality service for offline stores though developing our 2B business,” said Zhang.

For 2C business, JD Auto focuses on the building of JD Auto Service, JD’s offline automotive initiative, to reach 80 million car owners. Through JD Auto Service, customers can buy auto parts or maintenance services on JD.com, and then go to a JD Auto Service location for installation. Through JD Auto Service, JD has built a complete ecosystem from selling online products to providing offline services.

“JD’s advantage in products, logistics, supply chain, and our continuous effort in opening up to partners, have attracted many manufacturers and suppliers to work with us,” said Zhang. “Because of that, JD customers are also able to enjoy products and services covering motorcycles, cars and auto parts. We hope to build a more open ecosystem and win together with our partners.”