Feb 27, 2023|

JD Auto Works with Brands and Customers by Building Standards on Paint Protection Films


by Vivian Yang

JD Auto and China Building Material Test & Certification Group (CTC) jointly launched a set of quality certification standards for paint protection films on February 23 in Shanghai during an industrial forum held by CTC, an authoritative national quality certification company. These standards will measure four key performance metrics of paint protection films, including resistance against yellowing, aging, impact and glue properties.

Based on these standards, JD Auto will grant distinguishable tags to qualified paint protection film merchandise on its site, together with detailed quality test reports. It will also conduct regular spot checks on certified products to ensure consistency.

At the same time, a number of leading brands including Eastman, 3M, MOXIAOER and other film makers reached an agreement with JD Auto and CTC for deeper collaboration throughout the product management process, ranging from user research, product iteration, platformization of the certification system, increasing online traffic for brand stores, to after-sales service.

“This cooperation on building quality certification standards reflects a desire for synergy between JD Auto and our brand partners, which on the one hand will help JD supply high-quality paint protection film products on our platform, and on the other side, enable certified brands to gain an increasing number of customers’ attention and trust,” said Xiaowei Che, general manager of JD Auto’s car goods department.

Additionally, JD Auto offers a “product+service” package, by which consumers can enjoy free-of-charge installation service after ordering paint protection film products on the platform, lowering the costs for both sellers and buyers.  Meanwhile thanks to higher cooperation and consumption efficiency, such service also enables JD to continuously provide high-quality automotive products at competitive prices.