Feb 21, 2023|

JD.com Saw China’s Online Market of Collectible Toys Soar in 2022


by Vivian Yang

With the phenomenal success of POP MART and similar brands in China’s art toy or “chao wan” market, JD Super, the FMCG department under JD.com, reported 82 percent YoY sales growth in the collectible toy category in 2022.

Collectible toys by POP MART

China’s increasing customer base of so-called ‘kidults’ has driven the industry boom, with data by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences showing that the market grew at a compound annual growth rate of more than 34 percent in the past seven years from 2015 to 2021. JD Super worked closely with leading players such as POP MART, Rolife, 52TOYS, BANDAI, and more, to bring the craze online with rich merchandise diversity and novel shopping experiences.

For example, to create an immersive experience for fans of Tencent’s Honor of Kings (HoK), the world’s largest mobile game, JD Super and HoK jointly launched a Super IP Day in 2022. During the promotional day on HoK’s JD flagship store, all of the IP’s collectible toys were made available in this single launch; 1,000 limited characters’ skin cards that bridge the physical and virtual worlds were sold in a blink of an eye. The campaign aroused wide attention beyond HoK fans, drawing 260 million clicks and 850 million viewership across the internet.

JD Super also took decisive actions to set up dedicated staff to identify emerging IP brands, recruit new sellers, and provide store assessment and training programs to help merchants effectively operate their online stores.

For 2023, JD Super will continue to enhance the variety of merchandise, expand the categories of art toys, and support brand partners to strengthen their market competitiveness, said Juan Ding, the general manager overseeing the toy category at JD.com.