Dec 4, 2020|

JD Boosts the Smart Wearable Device Industry


by Ling Cao

Data from International Data Corporation (IDC), a leading consulting firm, showed that 4.5 million adults’ smart watches were sold in the third quarter of 2020, increasing by 76.8% YoY to set a record and making it the main sales category in China’s smart wearable device industry. The report was released on December 1st. Platforms like JD accelerated the growth rate in this area, and JD’s own data showed that smart watches dominated the popular products from JD’s electronics category.

Xuefei Pan, research manager from IDC said, “The adults’ smart watches can be connected with other devices, which improved its application, and helped other devices to recognize and analyze customer needs.”

JD has also worked with partners to launch C2M (Consumer-to-Manufacturer) smart watches. On Dec 2, JD and ZTE launched one that can connect with the newly launched C2M 5G cellphone tailored for elderly people.

Daniel Tan, president of JD Mobile Devices said during the press conference, “We hope to make people’s lives more convenient via technology innovation.”

Other popular smart watches on JD also include Honor’s GS Pro, vivo WATCH and more. In the latest Singles Day Grand Promotion, sales of smart watches on JD increased 115% YoY.