Feb 24, 2020|

JD Brings Massage Chairs to Medical Staff in Hubei


by Ling Cao

On Feb 20th, JD delivered and installed 75 massage chairs to 10 hospitals in Hubei province. The chairs were donated by the OGAWA, the Malaysian health and wellness retail company, to help front-line medical staff relax and recharge.

JD received OGAWA’s request for help the night of Valentine’s Day. OGAWA needed a partner who could deliver these bulky items arrived at Hubei hospitals in a timely manner. Leveraging its bulk supply chain capability, JD Logistics created a tailor-made solution and arranged trucks to pick up the chairs from the city of Xiamen in Fujian province in the morning of February 16th.

When arriving in Wuhan, JD Logistics arranged a team of pre-trained couriers to deliver and install the chairs.

Staff at each hospital commented that these chairs arrived at just the right time and can help release the stress and fatigue from long hours working at a high intensity.

Xiaomei Zhuang, manager for the logistics department at OGAWA in China, said, “We donated massage chairs equipped with oxygen-making function, which is especially suitable for medical staff. Under the present circumstances, JD Logistics not only helped us rapidly deliver these high quality massage chairs to these hospitals, but also installed them for us. We greatly appreciate it.”

Wenbo Wang, Head of Bulk Supply Chain at JD Logistics said, “The anti-epidemic effort has entered a critical period, and we hope JD’s bulk supply chain capability can help merchants improve fulfillment efficiency as well as reduce cost.”

Unlike small-sized category products such as mobile phones, apparel and snacks, bulk-sized products such as massage chairs are large and heavy, and easy to cause damages during transportation. The atypical shape of packages would cause challenges including difficulties in warehousing and shipping.  The rapid delivery of these massage chairs relies on the advantages of the supply chain infrastructure and solutions acquired by JD Logistics over the years. JD Logistics has continuously upgraded its supply chain solutions for bulk product categories such as bathroom products, mattresses and television sets.