Feb 25, 2020|

Sales of JD Computer and Digital Products Stores Boosted by Going Online


by Rachel Liu

JD has brought its brick and mortar JD Computer and Digital Products franchise stores online, helping them boost sales growth.

The COVID-19 outbreak has caused many malls and stores to remain closed, including approximately 200 JD Computer and Digital Products stores around China.

With the help of JD, the franchisers have successfully moved their business online. With the trust gained from customers by providing authentic products and good service, instead of experiencing sales decrease, the stores have seen sales boosted significantly. For example, during the Spring Festival holiday period (from January 23rd to January 30th), sales of each store have increased by over 300% on average year-on-year, and some stores have seen sales reach 40,000 RMB per day

JD Computer and Digital Products stores encourage franchisers keep in close touch with their customers, such as through building online customer groups. JD’s AI powered system can help store owners automatically generate posters to be used in promotions. By scanning the QR code on the posters, customers can directly shop for the products.

Many store owners have joined the program, including those in Guangdong, Henan, Shandong, Sichuan, etc. Some stores haven seen over 70 orders made every day. The store owners also leveraged JD Live, JD’s livestreaming service, to promote their products online. A store owner in Dongguan, Guangdong province saw his store’s sales surpass 10,000 RMB each day during the Spring Festival holiday. The online sales model has been very well-received by customers.

A customer said, “I used to go to the store to buy digital products. But now, I select products while sitting at home, and enjoy JD Logistics’ fast delivery service. The store owner will help me pick out the most suitable product. I can also share my thoughts with other customers in the group.”