Sep 23, 2020|

JD Brings Popular Italian Tires to the Chinese Market


by Ella Kidron

JD and leading Italian tire brand Pirelli have reached a partnership agreement to bring high quality tire products to consumers in China. The two parties simultaneously announced the release of a Consumer-to-Manufacturer (C2M) summer tire product, the P5 Touring, available exclusively on JD, as well as the exclusive sales debut in China of Pirelli’s high performance, the Ice Zero FR. In the future, both parties will work together to create a Pirelli flagship store on JD.

JD Auto's Yan Qing with other members of the auto team and Guiliano Menassi and the Pirelli team

JD Auto’s Yan Qing with other members of the auto team and Guiliano Menassi and the Pirelli team

Through C2M, JD’s big data helped Pirelli understand that for regular outings, Chinese consumers regard safety and comfort as most important. As such, Pirelli and JD introduced the custom made P5 touring to JD consumers, which considers specific characteristics of rainy days, and includes wide horizontal grooves to effectively drain water and increase the safety of driving on wet surfaces. The tread pattern is also designed to reduce noise and improve driving comfort, while a high silicon formula reduces rolling resistance, thereby reducing fuel consumption. At the same time, outstanding traction ensures safety for all road conditions.

The Ice Zero FR also debuted on JD. A winter tire solution, the new product improves traction under all winter road conditions, and combines a formula that can stably perform in cold conditions. The formula retains elasticity at low temperatures, allowing the tire to provide a high level of grip on the ice. The Ice Zero FR tires are available in nearly 20 sizes, ranging from 17 to 20 inches.

Giuliano Menassi, CEO of Pirelli Asia Pacific, said “By creating an information sharing mechanism with partners, potential sales channels and external resources, we can better predict differentiated demands and the development potential of different regions. JD is one of Pirelli’s strategic partners in the China market. Through our joint efforts, we can further meet the individual needs of domestic consumers.”

In addition to buying high quality products, one of the biggest headaches for consumers is installation. In order to provide consumers with a better experience, JD Auto has been building a “goods + service” model through cooperation with its offline JD Auto Service outlets. When car owners choose and buy tires on the JD platform, they can select a nearby JD Auto Service outlet to have it delivered to and make an appointment for an installation. More than 80% of JD’s tire consumers choose to book installation services online.

“Based on our omnichannel advantages, JD will work with Pirelli to create an integrated online and offline operation model from the perspective of improving user experience,” said Yan Qing, general manager of JD Auto. He added that driven by big data, JD will actively make use of its online operations, offline stores, technical resources, supply chain and more, to meet user needs through JD app, WeChat mini programs [and other channels].

The strategic cooperation with Pirelli expands the product categories of JD automobile tire sales through new products and C2M so that more owners can experience exclusive tailor-made tire products. It also shortens the supply chain through online and offline operations, coupled with JD’s big data analysis, helping make Pirelli more competitive in the Chinese market.