Sep 23, 2020|

JD Customers Buy Villas Online for their Parents Before Mid-Autumn Festival


by Rachel Liu

Many customers know JD as the destination for electronic products, consumer goods or luxury products. But now, customers can also place orders for villas from third-party merchants on JD. The merchants can provide full service design, renovation and decoration support for villas in the countryside. As Mid-Autumn Festival is around the corner, many JD customers who ordered the villas are preparing to move into the new home with their families to enjoy the holiday, which is marked by family reunions.

Mr. Wu is an owner of a 4S car store in Changsha, Hunan province. His parents live in an over 20-year-old apartment in their hometown, a small city called Xiangtan. The apartment is aging, and there are problems with its electric circuitry. Mr. Wu first decided that he would like to build a villa for his parents in their hometown by himself, but as he was too busy to oversee the project and the construction was delayed for a long time. While Mr. Wu was browsing on JD one day in September 2019, he found that there are merchants on JD that can provide the full service villa construction in the countryside. “I can build a villa for my parents and don’t need to worry about all the details. That’s amazing,” said Mr. Wu.

In September 2019, Mr. Wu ordered a villa from BoHome, a third-party merchant on JD. The construction began in October and was planned to finish in six months, but due to COVID-19, completion was postponed to August 2020, just in time for Mr. Wu’s family to move in the new villa for the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Ms Zhou from Xiangning, Hunan province also received a villa that her children bought for her as a Mid-Autumn Festival gift. With an increasing number of customers ordering villas online for their parents, JD and BoHome are working together to upgrade the service, and customize the furniture for the whole house according to customers’ needs. Before they order the villas, BoHome will also offer one-on-one consultancy to understand the customers’ demands. JD, Bohome and leading villa merchants are now offering special discounts for customers who want build their own villas in the countryside ahead of the Mid-Autumn Festival.