Aug 20, 2020|

JD Builds Integrated Quality Control System for Imported Food


by Ling Cao

JD Fresh, the fresh food business under, announced an integrated system to monitor and ensure the safety of imported food.

According to industry data, since July, there have been at least 10 cases in which food packaging had been found to have traces of COVID-19, all concerning imported frozen and fresh produce. Ensuring safety of these products requires the participation of multiple stakeholders, including government, food manufacturers and operators, as well as customers.

“Food hygiene and monitoring is always top priority for JD, especially during COVID-19. JD has launched a comprehensive control system to guarantee food safety,” said Yishen Tang, head of JD Fresh.

JD Fresh has already invested over RMB 100 million yuan in fresh food quality assurance, covering food sampling tests and monitoring, warehouse and employees’ testing, and has developed detailed plans and reporting standards. It has also set up measures in supply chain, fulfillment and post-sales. As a result, all of the imported food from JD’s warehouses have tested negative for COVID-19.

JD Fresh has also leveraged blockchain technology to provide more transparency to consumers as it relates to product quality. By scanning a QR code, customers can view the entire life cycle from raw materials harvesting to production, quality control, all the way down to the last mile, through a combination of videos, images or text files.