Aug 20, 2020|

JD Auction Festival: Auction Everything


by Vivian Yang

On August 19th, JD kicked off its Fourth Auction Festival. “Auction Everything” is the slogan for this year’s festival. Over 210,000 items with a total value of over RMB 10 billion yuan will be auctioned online during the festival till August 27th.

A number of mind-blowing auction items will be presented to over 400 million JD users, many of whom are high-end customers and potential bidders for high-value auction items. For example:

  • Over RMB 10,000 yuan Xuanwei ham, a dry-cured ham from Qujing Prefecture of Yunnan province with an over 250-year history dating back to 1766;
  • Near RMB 7,000 yuan Black Swan Luxury (high-end brand under popular cake maker Holiland) cake;
  • RMB 9,999 yuan king crab set;
  • 570,000 bottles of alcohol with a total weight of 140 tons;
  • 880,000 pieces of wild ginseng;
  • A Huanghuali couch-bed from the Ming Dynasty starting at RMB 8 million yuan;
  •  182 cars starting at RMB 3,000 yuan;

A number of mind-blowing auction items will be presented to over 400 million JD users

What worth mentioning is that large-bid auction items such as land, houses, equity and creditor’s rights are also included in the auction festival. These auction events have attracted wide public attention as the initial price of these items has surpassed RMB 100 million yuan. Though the bidding process is conducted online, many viewers said the process is so intense that they even held their breath on the other side of the screen.

At the same time, court auction will be carried out during the festival. An array of assets from over 1,500 courts and 35 customs offices will be auctioned via livestreaming and VR services on JD, a format that ensures transparency and efficiency in disposing assets from legal affairs.