Mar 18, 2021|

JD: Buy & Store Tires with Us, Get Free Maintenance for A Year


by Vivian Yang

JD Auto and JD Logistics jointly introduced the “deposit and delivery service” for tires bought online through the platform. The Mar. 18 announcement is made in conjunction with the launch of JD’s tire shopping festival starting on the same day.

After ordering the tires on JD, customers can send the products to their designated “JD Mini Storage,” a deposit service for individual and enterprise users under JD Logistics, for professional storage. Within one year’s time, the buyers can choose any time and address for the tires’ delivery and installation.

“With this service, when customers are tempted to enjoy special offers during our online promotional activities, they need not to worry about the pick-up and storage issue any more,” said Minxian Wang, head of automotive products of JD Auto.

Now “JD Mini Storage” has opened tire deposit service in more than 10 Chinese cities, where the tires can be properly stored and then delivered to over 300 cities across the country. For cities where JD Auto Service, JD’s omnichannel car maintenance store chain, is available, customers can send their tires there directly to get seamless and professional car service. Next-day delivery can be expected in core areas within JD’s logistics network.

“Though it seems simple, the tire deposit and delivery service is a classic case to show our ability in coordinating with brands, online platform, offline stores, warehouses, logistics network and more, reflecting JD’s strength in digital and intelligent supply chain,” said Wang.

According to Wang, JD’s team reached this service innovation based on extensive market research and big data studies on consumers’ behaviors and car consumption demand insights.

People living in Northeast China are a target group of users who often pre-store snow tires for the winter time. Moreover, cross-country and supercar drivers would also find this service helpful in facilitating their tire-changing work on different terrains in different venues, he noted.

More than 50 types of tires from leading tire brands, including Continental, Goodyear, Dunlop, Pirelli, Michelin, have participated in JD tires shopping festival this year from Mar 18 to 31. Customers who opt for the “JD Mini Storage” service will also get coupons to enjoy a year-long free car maintenance service provided by JD Auto Service.