Mar 18, 2021|

JD Logistics Enables the Delivery of Fresh Spring Tea in 24 Hours


by Yuchuan Wang

JD Logistics (JDL) announced that it will provide 24-hour delivery for Anhui’s spring tea in 27 cities in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Anhui provinces, plus Shanghai. The announcement was made at a business conference held on Mar. 17 in Anhui province, which is the home of Huangshan Maofeng (黄山毛峰), Lu’an Melon Seed (六安瓜片) and Keemun Black Tea (祁门红茶), all of which are among the top 10 popular Chinese teas. JDL will also collaborate with Anhui province to bring more local agricultural products to nationwide consumers.

JDL has set up collection points near Anhui’s tea gardens to save time for logistics.

Spring tea refers to the first batches of tea harvested in early spring before Qingming Festival in early April, and is believed to be of the best quality among different seasons’ tea. Preserving freshness is a vital factor that influences the price of spring tea, but since tea gardens are mostly in remote villages, the challenging transportation conditions can pose problems for ensuring timely delivery.

“Selling one day late may result in losses of thousands of yuan,” said tea grower Fang, who attended the business conference.

JDL has set up collection points near Anhui’s tea gardens to save time for logistics. The company also prioritized the logistics transferring and last-mile delivery for spring tea. A Shanghai customer will be able to receive the fresh Anhui tea on the next day after the leaves are picked up. For customers not located in the 28 cities, JD will transport Anhui’s spring tea by air.

Jianjun Hu, a JD courier in Anhui’s Huangshan city, which is home to over 530 square kilometers tea farms, said that, “We are fully devoted to spring tea, and receive 20 to 30 tons of tea a day at our station alone.”

JDL also leverages the company’s retail ecosystem to connect local tea gardens with’s e-commerce platform and livestreaming tools to help them expand sales channels.