Jan 19, 2023|

JD Chinese New Year Grand Promotion Trends: “Realistic” Shopping and More


by Tong Shen

During this year’s JD Chinese New Year Grand Promotion, total 34 days from December 26 to January 28, consumers are displaying strong preferences for gifts that demonstrate care for their loved ones and more, all while prioritizing a more “practical” approach to shopping, according to a report based on sales figures and relevant surveys conducted during the first two weeks of the Promotion.

This year, the promotion covers a wide range of products and empowers merchants with more efficient traffic, more effective marketing, and simpler ways to participate, uniting more brands and merchants to bring consumers a one-stop shopping experience with attractive discounts.

The report captured various trends:

  • Festive atmosphere

According to the survey, most consumers are highly focused on the pursuit of creating a festive atmosphere this year: 82.2 percent of consumers said they would purchase traditional food and specialties, while 59.9 percent of consumers said they were willing to buy festive decorations such as CNY couplets, traditional paintings, paper cuttings and other products.

  • Care products

Over 70 percent of consumers said they would buy products that demonstrate care for their parents, such as nutritional products, wine and pastries; while 27.7 percent of consumers said they would buy products for children such as educational books. Care has become a hot topic of consumption, and 33.2 percent of consumers said they would focus more on age-friendly and healthcare products this year.

It is worth noting that 14.9 percent of consumers expressed their willingness to buy smart home devices during CNY promotion, such as sweeping robots and other products, which reflects consumers’ demand for upgrading quality of life for family.

  • “Rational consumption”

Nearly 80 percent of consumers are demonstrating more rational shopping behavior this year. In addition, 78.7 percent of consumers said that this year they tend to shop within their means; while 36.6 percent of consumers said they will give priority to cost and practicality; and 28.2 percent of consumers said that beyond price they will also consider quality, service, and after-sales terms.

It is worth noting that 12.4 percent of consumers said they would follow the new trends emerging in big cities, such as smarter, more environmentally friendly products with more segmented demand, which to a certain extent is driving the popular products in first-tier cities to enter the lower-tier markets.

  • New consumption trends driven by JD

Hourly Purchase

According to the sales figures of JD Shop Now, JD’s on-demand retail business that offers delivery within one-hour, from December 29 to January 4, sales increased by nearly 70 percent YoY. Compared to the previous month, dried meat gift boxes, cookie gift boxes, baijiu gift boxes, and low-temperature cooked food gift boxes increased by 10 times; while pickled and preserved food gift boxes, dried fruits and nuts gift boxes, and fruit gift boxes increased by 8 times.

Ready-to-cook and ready-to-eat

Statistics show that both ready-to-cook and ready-to-eat meals have been selling well during the CNY promotion. Sales of Chinese delicatessen items have increased 450 percent, and Western delicatessen products have increased 400 percent, frozen semi-finished meals have increased 200 percent, and fresh-cut vegetables have increased 50% YoY.