Jul 10, 2020|

JD Cloud & AI Partners with AutoAI on IoV to Benefit Car Owners


by Yuchuan Wang

JD Cloud & AI has partnered with AutoAI, China’s leading Internet of Vehicle (IoV) service provider to launch the M6 smart control panel screen that includes JD’s auto services and smart home functions for cars in addition to AutoAI’s navigation and music offerings.

The M6 control panel screen enables car owners to enjoy auto services provided by JD and its auto aftermarket ecosystem with their JD account log-in information. For example, by obtaining basic information about the vehicle, such as mileage, vehicle model, and engine filter model, JD’s IoV system can accurately percept products and services that the car needs, and its owner can directly purchase via the screen. The system can also display nearby gas stations and car washes, navigate to the desired location and enable easy on-screen payment.

LBS-based gas station recommendation

The smart home function enables drivers to control home appliances, such as air conditioners, lights and even curtains remotely from their car through voice command or a touch of the car’s screen.

John Zhou, vice president at JD Cloud & AI said, “As an interactive terminal, a smart center screen holds similar importance to a car owner as a mobile phone. JD’s IoV technology provides a convenient and seamless experience for car owners. It also brings offline auto service stores more traffic and auto product manufacturers a new sales channel.”

JD has partnered with over 40 auto enterprises, such as Volkswagen and Geely on IoV initiatives, empowering more than 200 models annually with its capabilities. In the future, JD will continue to fully leverage its IoT and AI capabilities, supply chain and merchandise to explore more possibilities in the Internet of Vehicle service ecosystem, providing even more intelligent solutions for auto manufacturers and a convenient lifestyle for car owners and consumers.