Apr 22, 2020|

JD Cloud & AI Partners with SAIC Volkswagen to Offer Smart Home Service in Passat


by Yuchuan Wang

JD.com announces today that it is partnering with SAIC Volkswagen on a series of Internet of Vehicle initiatives. In 2020, the auto manufacturer’s Passat and other models will include the smart home service powered by JD Whale, JD’s IoT platform.

The smart home service enables drivers to control home appliances, such as air conditioners, lights and even curtains remotely from their car through voice command or touch of the car’s screen. Its geo-fence function can also be triggered automatically to switch home appliances on or off if the car is within range on a return trip home.

For example, by simply speaking the words “turn on ‘going home’ mode”, the IoT platform will turn on the lights, air conditioner and water heater in advance of returning home. Drivers can also view the quality of the air and security of their home from their car.

Smart home technology is already a part of daily life for many consumers. JD has been at the forefront of this technology, releasing China’s very first smart home platform in 2014 and smart speaker in 2015. JD’s IoT platform is now connected to over 150 million devices from over 1,000 brands, enabling over 25 million families in China to control all of their home devices, and even make purchases by voice command.

JD will also partner with SAIC Volkswagen to launch smart maintenance services in the future, when drivers can check the overall condition of their cars directly from home. At the same time, by analyzing the car’s conditions and customer behavior, recommendations on maintenance services through digital intelligence will be provided to owners.

“When we think about travel functions, what we think about most is how to connect the car with the outside world, how to take the car as the key connecting point, and how to provide a real experience of connectivity for living. We see real potential in this area with JD’s powerful IoT platform. The smart home function developed in cooperation with JD has created a special driving experience,” said Ying Gao, senior product manager at SAIC Volkswagen Mobile Internet.

“JD will continue to fully leverage our IoT and AI technology capabilities, supply chain and merchandise to provide technology and services for our partners, ” said Yazhuo Wang, General Manager of IoT Solution and Product at JD Cloud & AI. “We look forward to closer cooperation with SAIC Volkswagen in this area, providing the most convenient and seamless experiences for car owners and consumers.”