Feb 15, 2023|

JD Cloud Launches ChatJD to Integrate ChatGPT into Technology Products and Services


by Tong Shen

JD Cloud announced this week that it had launched “ChatJD,” an industrial version of ChatGPT focused on the vertical industrial fields of retail and finance.

“JD.com offers the best scenarios to accelerate the scale implementation of AIGC & ChatGPT,” said Dr. Xiaodong He, vice president of JD.com, an IEEE Fellow, and a specialist in conversational AI technology.

The industrial ChatJD will roll out through one platform, two fields and five applications. It will build a human-computer dialogue platform that understands and generates tasks in natural language processing, with parameters estimated to total hundreds of billions.

Built upon the company’s experience in intelligent dialogue accumulated over the past 10 years, coupled with years of practice in various businesses across retail, logistics, finance, health, and more, ChatJD is more focused on retail and finance. It has constructed a knowledge graph that is made of a four-layer knowledge system, 40+ independent systems, 3,000+ intentions and 30 million high-quality QAs that cover over 10 million retail commodities on JD.com.

Additionally, ChatJD will develop five application scenarios, ranging from content generation and human-computer dialogue to user intent understanding, information extraction, and sentiment classification, which will play an important role in areas such as automated customer consultation and service, smart marketing content generation, financial research report and more.

Since 2019, JD.com has begun to explore NLG (natural language generation) to research in AI-generated marketing content in house, such as generating product titles, selling points, and scripts for livestreaming and more. The service has covered more than 2,000 product categories and has been applied across multiple marketing channels on JD’s app, generating a total of more than 3 billion words of text. In addition, developed from JD’s early smart customer service chatbot, Yanxi AI platform provides consumers and merchants 24/7 services in shopping guidance and many others, covering end-to-end shopping nodes including pre-sale, sale, and after-sales. Yanxi is currently used by 588 million consumers and 178,000 merchants on JD.

Dr. He believes the impact of ChatGPT to the industry may rival what iPhone has produced. ChatGPT’s biggest innovation lies in the generation of natural language, which gradually sorts out the user’s intention through interactive dialogue and generates intact texts. From the technical point of view, ChatGPT innovatively uses semi-supervised learning algorithms compared to the previous unsupervised deep learning algorithms, and makes the model for content generation more organized. To some extent, it is actually a course correction to the past obsessive pursuit of mass (parameters) and unsupervised learning.