Feb 16, 2023|

JD Health: CEO Shows Remarkable Reporting Card


by Vivian Yang

JD Health has become the “first entry point for online health consumption” in China, said Enlin Jin, CEO of JD Health during the company’s 3rd partners’ meeting on Feb 10 in Beijing. The company is dedicated to providing access to all types of health consumption services in close collaboration with its partners, he added.

Data reveals that over the last three years, JD Health’s revenue has maintained a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 68 percent, while the average daily volume of online medical consultations and the annual number of active users both experienced CAGR growth of 48 and 213 percent, respectively.

As more users turn to JD Health Internet Hospital for dependable online medical care, it is expanding quickly. In the first half of 2022, the average daily consultation volume reached 250,000. Currently, the hospital has more than 45,000 doctors at the level of deputy chief physician and above, and has established 27 primary clinical departments and 151 secondary clinical departments.

On the aspect of pharmaceutical retailing, JD Pharmacy has grown by more than four times the industry average for the seventh consecutive year as of 2022. JD Pharmacy has accumulatively served over 100 million patients, and the DOT (i.e., duration of drug treatment) of patients with chronic diseases has been extended, which effectively improves the treatment impact on patients.

It is worth noting that in 2022, JD Health’s medical device user base surpassed 100 million, making it a stellar growth platform for many medical device brands. Among nearly 30,000 medical device brands from home and abroad that partnered with JD Health last year, over 40 brands had annual sales of over RBM 100 million yuan, and some top brands achieved annual sales of nearly RMB 2 billion yuan.

For nutrition and health care products, JD Health worked closely with brand partners to study user needs and propelled a 92 percent YoY sales increase among brand members. Meanwhile, JD Health offers the most comprehensive foods for special medical purposes (FSMP) online in the Chinese market.

On supply chain infrastructure, JD Health’s nationwide medicine warehouse network provides medicine storage service under all sorts of conditions in terms of different temperatures and dosage forms. It has achieved same-day delivery of products that are self-operated by JD Health teams in 146 cities and next-day delivery in 337 cities across China.

Highlighted during the partners’ meeting were four dimensions that will guide JD Health for the next development step to create fuller health service offerings to all people, including an open ecosystem, model expansion, service integration, and universal accessibility.