Apr 15, 2022|

JD Cloud Releases Products to Promote Industrial Digital Intelligence


Doris Liu

JD Cloud released several products at an online launch event on April 12, aiming to accelerate industrial digital intelligence and promote the complementary advantages of industrial integration.

Products launched at the event include JDStack5.0, JD Cloud Computer, JD Cloud Container Data Center, unified storage platform Yun Hai (云海, meaning “Cloud Sea”) and JD Cloud Message Queue (JCQ).

JDStack 5.0, a cloud solution for enterprises, shares the same source and stack with JD Cloud’s public cloud platform. It not only supports the deployment starting from 3 nodes to reduce the cost of first use, but can also upgrade smoothly with flexible expansion to more than 10,000 nodes, expanding the full IaaS (infrastructure as a service) capability. JDStack 5.0 integrates seamlessly with the company’s JDOS, a hybrid multi-cloud operating system, to provide customers with a Platform as a Service (PaaS) product ecosystem.

JD Cloud Computer, a provider of a borderless office experience, offers users a cloud computer service that is available regardless of time or location. The service can be accessed without installation on any terminals such as desktop PCs, laptops, mobile phones, etc. It satisfies the needs of high security, high computing, high IO, high GPU and other business scenarios, and also realizes the consistent experience in online and offline network environments with cloud and edge modes.

For instance, during the COVID-19 outbreaks in 2020, JD Cloud Computer ensured that more than 15,000 employees of a company were able to work from home with only one-day preparation. And after resuming work, users could decide to keep some cloud computers for long-term use on demand and release idle resources.

Supported by JD Cloud Computer, JDCloud Book, a thin and light notebook computer, also made its debut. It can easily change hardware configurations based on cloud elasticity capabilities, so that users can switch between various scenarios such as mobile office, R&D, professional design, research and home entertainment.

JD Cloud Container Data Center is a container integrated with power infrastructure and IT equipment to provide computing power. Leveraging its intelligent management system operation and highly integrated design, the data center can be easily relocated and installed on site within 3-5 days, with 30 percent less of the total cost compared with traditional data centers.

The cloud container data center was deployed as the first “moveable IT heart” of JD.com’s highly automated Asia No. 1 warehouse in Yiwu, Zhejiang province, in 2021. It took 55 days to complete production and 2 days for installation, saving space by 55 percent. The data center supports a smooth operation in the unmanned warehouses, unmanned sorting centers, order processing and other processes.

Yun Hai, the unified storage platform for JD Cloud, was developed from JD’s EB-level data storage capabilities. It has been architected around the componentization of core functions with plug-in based adaptation and flexible and open SDK. With  superb performance and high stability, Yun Hai can support the data application requirements in multiple fields such as the mobile Internet industry, high-performance computing and edge computing.

JCQ, a cloud-native distributed message queueing service developed by JD Cloud, helps users to quickly build complex business scenarios with reliable data channel services. It also has robust performance with high throughput and low latency, while providing financial-grade security for every user with channel encryption, disk encryption and tenant isolation.

Focusing on industrial scenarios and geared towards productivity improvement, JD Cloud continues to iterate on technology, products and solutions, and conduct large-scale practical verification supported by the entire JD ecosystem.

JD Cloud will utilize its technical capabilities and solid digital infrastructure to further push forward industrial digital intelligence with more products and services to clients such as enterprises, financial institutions and others.