Apr 15, 2022|

JD Health Launches World’s First Diagnostic Kit for Methylated Genes of Lung Cancer


by Vivian Yang

JD Health announced on April 15th that it became the first online retailer to offer sales of the world’s first diagnostic kit for methylated genes of lung cancer to Chinese consumers.

The kit, also known as “Ai Fei Ming” (艾肺明), developed by Excellen Medical Technology Co., Ltd, a Beijing-based company specializing in cancer diagnostics, provides a blood-based test for the diagnosis of lung cancer that consumers can now easily order via JD Health’s online channel and enjoy convenient offline services.

Consumers can either make blood sampling appointments- merely 5ml of blood with LDCT cancer screening result of 86.83% sensitivity and 95.59% specificity – at home or go to designated nearby clinics. They will receive test reports on their mobile phones and follow-up medical advice in around a week’s time to be well-informed of their health status.

The service product is packaged as a gift box primarily for parents, with a test invitation card available on JD Health’s product page.

According to China’s National Cancer Center’s latest report released in February 2022 based on statistics from 2016, lung cancer topped the list both in terms of morbidity and mortality, with around 820,000 new cases and 710,000 deaths in one year, making up 23.8% of the overall deaths of all cancers.

Early diagnosis means a much greater chance of survival from lung cancer. It is also an essential area where JD Health can leverage its advantages and partners to build a one-stop solution for users which includes the provision of self-test kits, test reports analysis, offline health check and clinic appointments, online healthcare consultations and more.

During this year’s Anti-Cancer Week, JD Health will also join hands with the China Anti-Cancer Association to introduce an array of promotional activities to raise people’s awareness of cancer prevention and relevant solutions.