Apr 20, 2022|

JD.com: Camping Drives New Consumption Trend in China


by Mengyang He

Outdoor camping has stormed into the eyes of many consumers, turning itself from a niche into one of the most trendy outdoor activities in China. According to data from JD.com’s sportswear business JD Sports, as of April 2022, camping is currently driving a new consumption trend, with camping gear seeing a skyrocketing sales increase by 245 percent YoY, picnic-related products by 297 percent, canopies by 326 percent, and camping trolleys by 13 times.

“As the camping market size continues to scale up in China, JD Sports has joined hands with merchants to further diversify camping experiences and provide outdoor enthusiasts with the access to an array of camping essentials, ranging from beginner-friendly camping equipment to semi-professional and professional gear,” noted Xuesong Wang, general manager of outdoor business at JD Sports.

The exponential growth in the sales of camping-related products on JD.com is also catalyzed by the emergence of various consumption scenarios, such as “camping with adventure,” “camping with kids,” and “camping with team-building.”