Jun 1, 2021|

JD.com and Chang’an Ford Deepen Cooperation


by Hui Zhang

JD.com and Chang’an Ford signed an agreement to further deepen cooperation on May 28 in Chongqing to ensure the supply of a full line of Chang’an Ford’s products through JD.com together with timely after-sale services.

Minxian Wang, general manager of first party automotive products, JD Auto, on the right; Huaicheng Tang, after-sales director of Chang’an Ford, on the left

The cooperation extends the two sides existing partnership, and will expand the product categories of Chang’an Ford products sold through its flagship store on JD.com. Since joining JD, Chang’an Ford has seen robust sales performance and continuous customer growth, thanks to JD’s strong platform capabilities and vast consumer pool. According to JD’s data, sales of JD’s Chang’an Ford flagship store increased by 30% YOY in 2020. The store also brought in nearly an increase of 50% of new consumers to its offline 4S stores.

In addition to product expansion, Chang’an Ford also promised direct supply of auto parts from its manufacturing factories with a bid to guarantee authenticity. Meanwhile, Chang’an Ford’s after-sales team will work closely with JD to provide both telephone and online after-sales services through JD.

To fulfill increasing demands from consumers during this year’s 618 Grand Promotion, Chang’an Ford has teamed up with JD’s offline self-operated car maintenance network, JD Auto Service, to increase the supply of auto parts products at the offline stores and ensure professional car maintenance services.

“Relying on JD’s image as a guarantee of authenticity, JD Auto will unite Chang’an Ford together with other auto brands in joint brand promotions, thus bringing more traffic to them. While promoting the growth of Chang’an Ford sales on JD, JD Auto will also further work to create a convenient and high-quality shopping experience for consumers,” said Minxian Wang, general manager of first party automotive products, JD Auto.