Jun 1, 2021|

JD Unveils Smart Supply Chain Decision System for Industrial Enterprises


by Ling Cao

JD has unveiled a smart supply chain decision system for industrial enterprises. Announced on May 31st, the system aims to solve clients’ pain points for procuring a massive amount of non-standard products.

Previously, due to inefficient fulfillment services and in order to keep the production line running smoothly, many enterprises needed to over-purchase materials, which resulted in a huge need for storage and a maintenance burden. Now, JD’s system combines clients’ digital procurement processes with a product pool that JD has developed, enabling them to easily find and purchase specific, non-standard products on JD— for instance, a very specialized screw.

In addition, based on clients’ different requirements for speed of delivery time, location, product selection and services, the system can provide tailored and optimized fulfillment solutions, including the ability to organize multiple orders into one and send to clients in one shipment. Ultimately, the system can shorten the middle process and increase the procurement efficiency.

JD also self-built infrastructure to improve the service quality, including specific transfer centers, forward warehouses and intelligent lockers.

“JD has built a product pool of over 50 million SKUs, so we changed the traditional procurement process from person-to-goods to goods-to-person in order to make it easier to find the best product for your needs. Because of this new service philosophy, our efficiency has improved compared with traditional suppliers,” said Deming Ding, general manager of JD Industry.