Apr 1, 2020|

JD.com and GREE Jointly Develop Robots to Fight COVID-19


by Ling Cao

JD.com and GREE, a state-owned major manufacturing enterprise, formed a strategic partnership to develop three unique types of robots for disinfection and inspection purposes to aid the fight against COVID-19 around the world.

The partnership will marry JD’s strength in autonomous driving with GREE’s experience in product manufacturing and supply chain management to develop the robots for integrated indoor and outdoor scenarios. Indoor scenarios include hospitals, airports, shopping malls, office buildings and libraries while outdoor include industrial parks, school campuses and CBD areas.

“We plan to sell these robots on JD’s platform when they are produced in bulk and leverage JD and GREE’s mutual sales network to continue doing our part to fight COVID-19,” said Jun Xiao, president of JD-X, JD’s logistics innovation lab.

The indoor inspection robot can discern people’s temperature in highly mobile and dense areas, and is equipped with an infrared sensor which will detect the body temperature of a moving group of people in real-time. It is also able to issue a warning if sensing abnormal temperature, raise awareness of the pandemic and offers other benefits. In this way, the robots are equipped to reduce human-to-human contact in a meaningful way.

“The partnership between JD and GREE can effectively solve industry challenges for smart, safe and efficient disinfection and inspection methods. Leveraging JD’s technology and GREE’s production capability for smart devices, both companies will create smart robotics which will aid the fight against COVID-19 and accelerate its overall development at the same time,” said a GREE representative.

The disinfection robots, both indoor and outdoor types, can automatically spray disinfectant gas and liquid, respectively, for 24 hours a day, greatly increasing the efficiency of traditional approaches. They can also conduct indoor disinfection when there’s no personnel available at night via ultraviolet lamps. In this way, there is an added benefit of reduced labor cost in addition to protecting staff who conduct disinfection.