Mar 22, 2024|

Sportano and JD Logistics Collaboration Boosts Operational Efficiency by 200%


Sportano, the fast-growing Poland-based multi-brand sports retailer, and JD Logistics (also known as JINGDONG Logistics), a global leader in logistics and supply chain solutions, announced a significant 200% increase in Sportano’s warehouse operational efficiency since their collaboration began in 2023.

Sportano stands out as a comprehensive destination for sports enthusiasts, offering an extensive range of sporting equipment, apparel, and accessories from leading brands. As a digital-first retailer, Sportano has expanded its reach across Europe with its robust online platform, complemented by its inaugural brick-and-mortal location in Warsaw, Poland, launched in 2022. The retailer’s rapid growth underscored its need for omnichannel logistics support so it could continue providing exceptional customer service to sports enthusiasts across Europe.

The collaboration between Sportano and JD Logistics has effectively addressed Sportano’s logistical challenges, including managing a vast and varied inventory of over 100,000 product types, ranging from small items like fishhooks to larger items such as skis and tents. The seasonal nature of sporting goods and the need for omnichannel fulfillment further complicated the logistics process.

JD Logistics introduced a suite of advanced technological solutions, including the deployment of Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) equipped with flexible and interchangeable storage receptacles. This innovative approach, coupled with an independently developed intelligent Warehousing Control System (WCS), has enabled efficient management of Sportano’s inventory, accommodating seasonal fluctuations and streamlining both direct-to-consumer and business-to-business orders.

The partnership between JD Logistics and Sportano has not only boosted Sportano’s operational efficiency by 200% but also set new standards for logistics excellence in the sports retail sector. The integration of cutting-edge technology and intelligent systems has transformed Sportano’s warehouse operations, ensuring more vigorous, flexible, and efficient order fulfillment.

Mengyao Chen, director of international business development at JD Logistics’ innovation lab JDL-X, said, “We are proud to partner with Sportano and apply our logistics expertise to tackle the unique challenges of the sports retail industry. This collaboration underscores our commitment to innovation and our ability to enhance operational efficiency for our clients.”

Tomasz Kupidura, Chief Logistics Officer at Sportano, said, “Working with JD Logistics has revolutionized our logistics operations, enabling us to meet our customers’ needs more effectively and efficiently. This partnership has been instrumental in our growth and success across the European market.”

JD Logistics’ technology products and solutions have garnered significant acclaim among external clients across diverse industries, including electronics, industrials, apparel, medicine, and automobiles, with logistics technology projects launched in over ten countries and regions globally, spanning Asia, Europe, Oceania, and North America. By bringing its expertise to international markets, JD Logistics aims to redefine global logistics standards, advancing intelligent supply chain capabilities and driving innovation in the industry.