Mar 8, 2024|’s Strategic Advancements in International Business: A Focus on Supply Chain and User Experience


During’s earnings call for Q4 and FY2023 on March 6th, Sandy Xu, CEO of and JD Retail, provided an update on the company’s strategy for international expansion. Xu emphasized the importance of a robust supply chain as the cornerstone of’s growth beyond domestic borders.

Xu noted that is always on the lookout for overseas opportunities and is taking measured steps to advance this process. Given JD’s business model and inherent strengths, the company’s approach to global expansion is uniquely tailored.

“JD’s business model is built on supply chain capabilities and centered around user experience. Based on the development of supply chain infrastructure overseas, JD’s business will continue to expand in areas with our unique competitive strengths in global markets,” Xu said. She also provided an overview of’s current international businesses:

  • JD Worldwide, the export and import facet of JD Retail, incorporates JD Global Sales, an emerging outbound e-commerce platform dedicated to helping Chinese companies and brands expand their overseas market. JD’s cross-border inbound business, JD Global Buy, has established three direct procurement centers worldwide to enhance cross-border supply chain efficiency. This allows consumers in China to access a wider range of imported products at lower costs while ensuring product safety.
  • JD Logistics has developed a robust global supply chain, beginning with warehousing and expanding to encompass comprehensive supply chain services. Currently overseeing nearly 90 bonded, overseas, and direct mail warehouses across almost 900,000 square meters, JD Logistics provides extensive support to a broad spectrum of clients, including international enterprises and Chinese brands expanding overseas.
  • JD Property is expanding its business in Southeast Asia and Europe, with a focus on markets in Vietnam, Indonesia, Singapore, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands. Its clientele spans international logistics, FMCG (fast moving consumer goods) giants, as well as emerging Chinese companies venturing abroad.
  • Ochama is an omni-channel retail platform incubated by in Europe, which utilizes advanced automated logistics technologies and global supply chain capabilities to provide a superior shopping experience for consumers across 24 European countries.

With a focus on supply chain and enhancing the user experience, will continue to explore opportunities to expand its global footprint. Learn more about’s businesses with global reach here.